Pierce the Darkness with Window Cleaning Stratford

Do you have a feeling that your windows are not as bright as they used to be? Is there something wrong with the view from your home or office? If you have the suspicion that your windows are blurry and overwhelmed by dust and stains, look no further than calling the local experts at Walter's Cleaners in Stratford on 020 7846 0221. Let the sunlight disperse freely into your room once again and enjoy the warmth of life.

What Is Window Cleaning in Stratford?

The service itself consists of a deep cleaning of all windows. For internal window cleaning, Walter's Cleaners in Stratford will use a squeegee, a cleaning agent, and a ladder – the traditional method. For external window cleaning, we will utilize a proven method that involves purified water and water-fed poles of different sizes. These go from 10 to 22 meters long, which is enough to reach the fourth floor of any building.

We have long forgotten the “ancient” window cleaning method that requires a ladder and a bucket by your side. Our approach features a pole that is attached to a pure water supply in the van. This way, we can clean your windows from the ground, with no ladders and climbing equipment needed, and reduce the accidental damage to your property to zero.

The water-fed pole system takes dirt off your panes using a soft, bristled brush, and rinses it off with pure water. Afterwards, the windows are left to dry off and the evaporating liquid won’t leave any streaks behind.

Benefits of Window Cleaning Stratford

Here Are Some of the Customer Benefits

  • Our rates are among the most competitive in the E15 area;
  • Our prices are fixed;
  • We deliver services 24/7 and our customer support is always available;
  • Key pick-up and delivery can be arranged if you need to be away from your property;
  • Same-day service is readily available;
  • Combine window cleaning with our domestic cleaning or gutter cleaning services and enjoy special discounts.

See What Our Service Benefits Include

  • Walter's Cleaners in Stratford use purified water to clean your windows – this prevents dust from building up after the service has been performed;
  • We take care of your window frames and sills as well;
  • You can request sticker removal;
  • A window cleaning checklist will be provided to ensure the service is executed at top quality;
  • The cleaning professionals are certified and will bring all the necessary equipment for the job.

How to Get in Touch With Walter’s Window Cleaners Stratford

Order window cleaning services in Stratford by simply giving us a call at 020 7846 0221. You can receive a free quote by using our online contact form. You can also use our live chat feature for speedy questions and answers. Our lovely call centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is always there to help.

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